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Shop Management | Articles | STAMPING Journal

Implementing open-book management

March 11, 2004 | By Larry Dunville

Today global competitors are literally willing to work for food. U.S. workers want a car, a home, and a college education for their kids in addition to their meals. Reducing pay and eliminating benefits is not an answer for anything but a lower standard of living. The challenge is not reducing compensation but rather dramatically improving productivity. Making owners out of employees is the ticket to that productivity. Open Book Management is a philosophy—a value system.

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Safety | Articles | The FABRICATOR

Six dangerous misconceptions about crane safety

July 10, 2003 | By Larry Dunville

Knowing how cranes should be used, and how they should not be used, is critical to crane safety. Overload, side pull, limit switches, secondary braking devices, using the reverse direction for speed control, and daily inspections are surrounded by myth and mystery in the workplace.

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