Paul Bosler Jr.

Michael Brown

Sub-assembly parts

New lube gives the slip to stamper's slips, trips, and falls

October 9, 2007


KI USA, a division of KI Japan, stamps and produces sub-assembly parts for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and other "transplant" automotive OEMs. The stamper wanted to improve plant safety by reducing incidents of slips and falls. Petroleum-based stamping lubricants that had been used created a slippery environment at the press and other sites. Changing the stamping lubricant system to a synthetic lubricant from MS Fluid Technologies not only improved plant safety and appearance, it produced cost savings and reduced the plant's impact upon the environment.

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Forming lubricants

Lubricant developments for forming high-strength steel

December 12, 2006


Forming lubricants always have been a critical component in the metal forming process, but the performance characteristics of these products are even more essential when working with HSS.

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