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Satin finish weather protection

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Industrial hand-held grinding and surface finishing — A primer on brush and mirror finishing

April 13, 2010 | By Tom Carroll

The proper finish is important for product quality and durability. This article discusses the steps required to brush- and mirror-finish stainless steel, nonferrous metals, and aluminum using both linear and angle grinders.

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Stainless steel surface finish

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A 'weld-done' finish

May 13, 2008 | By Tom Carroll

Stainless steel products are used in all parts of our daily life. Certain surface finish expectations must be met, and one of the major challenges in stainless steel treatment is meeting these expectations. The biggest problem has been the time required to rebuild the surface from a weld. While surface finishing of stainless steel still requires a good deal of effort, the proper grinding and polishing equipment makes it possible to create perfect finishes in a reasonable amount of time.

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Sanding Machine Finishes the Job

October 12, 2002 | By Tom Carroll

AAMS needed a way to polish aluminum and stainless steel handrails in two separate construction projects. To get the job done, they turned to a dedicated tube and pipe sander, which allowed them to accomplish the necessary finish in half the time manual polishing would have taken.

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