ARL Penn State hosts NSRP Welding Technology Panel

November 9, 2004

On September 16 and 17, 2004, the Laser Processing Division of ARL Penn State hosted a meeting of the National Shipbuilding Research Program's (NSRP) SP-7 Welding Technology Panel.

The NSRP is a government/industry research program intended to develop more economical construction approaches to shipbuilding. The panel provides a public forum for discussing methods and processes to improve the technology of welding, cutting, forming, and burning as it pertains to and is applied to the shipbuilding/repair industry.

The meeting attracted more than 35 attendees from across the country, with representatives from both Navy and commercial shipyards, government and regulatory agencies, and welding equipment suppliers.

The meetings and presentations were followed by a tour of ARL Peen State's Laser Processing Laboratory, with demonstrations of conbined 4.5 kW Nd: YAG and GMAW to join 1/2 in.-thick steel in a single pass, and of laser free forming (cladding) of metal matrix composite materials.