Superior Joining celebrates 15th anniversary

September 11, 2007

Superior Joining Technologies Inc., Machesney Park, Ill., celebrated its 15th anniversary with a luncheon that included staff, friends of the company, former employees, suppliers, and service providers.

Although changes in the industrial community have affected the type of work the company performs, it has held to its original concept, according to Thom Shelow, SJTI president and co-owner.

The company began as a one-man shop in Ogle County, Ill., and has grown to include seven full-time and several part-time employees. Its services include micro-GTAW, micro-laser welding, tool and die repair, tight-tolerance fabrication, and certified GTAW to aerospace standards.

"Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and narrow focus on our core competency of precision welding with the TIG process have allowed us to be agile while serving a wide variety of industries," Shelow said.