Wolf Robotics personnel receive CRAW-T training, certification

September 9, 2009

Wolf Robotics employees Patrick Cross, Franklin Jones, Drew Akey, Aaron Bailey, Dan Gipson, Joshua Cirbo, and Jeff Gauger recently became qualified as AWS Certified Welding Inspectors and passed the Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technician requirements.

The company's employees, including customer support engineers, project engineers, and project managers, are now trained to determine if a customer weldment or application meets the acceptance criteria of a specific code, standard, or other document.

Students must pass a written exam and welding performance test and have predetermined length of background experience in the welding industry.

Graduates must be thoroughly familiar with welding processes, welding procedures, welder qualifications, materials, the limitations of weld testing, ability to read drawings, prepare and keep records, prepare and make reports, and make responsible judgments. Proof of active practice or reexamination is required every three years.

Based in Fort Collins, Co., the company is a provider of custom robotic metalworking equipment.

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