CAD/CAM software based on artificial intelligence

June 19, 2013

CAD/CAM software based on artificial intelligence -

Lantek has launched a new 2013 version of its CAD/CAM software. It features new developments for efficient nesting, punching, machining, and tube profile cutting, as well as ways to control simple to sophisticated data in a manufacturing plant.

It is compatible with all machine makes and can be integrated into any company's management system.

The new system, based on artificial intelligence "ThinkingMetal" technology, incorporates algorithms and mathematical morphology strategies that enable sheets to be optimized easily, preventing errors in the machining process and reducing wasted material, the company reports.

Industry-specific features include nesting by areas, sheet turning, the ability to modify the cutting order, reordering of contours following hole destruction, cutting the line of remnant at the beginning of an area, and rectangular cutting of the skeleton of the metal sheet. The software also incorporates new logic for 5-axis machines.

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