Ford Germany implements AutoForm software for part feasibility

November 9, 2004

AutoForm has announced that Ford is the first automotive OEM in Germany to implement its AutoForm-OneStep and AutoForm-DieDesigner software for stamping feasibility analysis early in the product development cycle.

In 1998 Ford Germany obtained an initial AutoForm test license for evaluation purposes. The following year, the software won a Ford benchmark comparison. Today the company uses a variety of AutoForm's modules during different phases of the vehicle development process:

  • OneStep and DieDesigner modules are used during the pre-program phase for stamping feasibility checks.
  • These same modules are then used for advanced project planning and initial tooling development.
  • Incremental and DieDesigner modules are used for subsequent process planning of the stamping operation. Material planners use the Nest module for nesting blanks during the process layout phase.