Jetcam announces AutoPOL partnership

July 15, 2008

Jetcam Intl., Monaco, a developer of CAD/CAM and nesting software, recently announced a technical partnership with FCC Software AB, Sweden, a developer of the AutoPOL 3-D CAD/CAM and bend simulation software.The companies will work together to integrate FCC's software and Jetcam's nesting software. Users will be able to automatically import AutoPOL files directly from within Jetcam Expert. In addition, the process can be fully automated using Jetcam's SCAP (single component automatic nesting) or dissimilar-part nesting modules, allowing files to be unfolded, imported, tooled (or profiled), nested, and generated as NC code automatically.

Users can further automate the process using Jetcam's RCP (remote control processing) system, which enables unattended operation when integrated into an MRP system. Orders placed on the MRP and AutoPOL files are processed through to NC code generation without human intervention.

The companies plan to include the AutoPOL import facility in the next end-user release of Expert v16.

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