American Air Liquide presents President's Safety Awards

March 13, 2007

American Air Liquide recently presented awards for exceptional safety achievement at its annual senior management team meeting in Houston.

For 2006, the company's President's Safety Awards honored one team from each of its primary subsidiaries for outstanding commitment to safety:

  • Air Liquide America L.P.: Portland Acetylene Plant—Portland, Ore.
  • Air Liquide Large Industries L.P.: LaPorte Air Separation Unit (ASU)— ;LaPorte, Texas
  • Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP: XFAB Total Gas & Chemical Management (TGCM)—Lubbock, Texas

Driver Safety also was recognized, honoring seven drivers who each have attained significant safe driving milestones:

From Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP:

  • Tom Christensen; Provo, Utah—3 million safe miles driven
  • Virgil Eggleston; Denver—2 million safe miles driven
  • Roy Bonadona; Geismar, La.

From Air Liquide America L.P.:

  • Jesse Heath; Augusta, Ga.—25,000 safe hours driven
  • Johnnie Chambers, Longview, Texas—25,000 safe hours driven
  • Van Parks; Augusta, Ga.—50,000 safe hours driven
  • Danny Martinez; San Antonia—50,000 safe hours driven

President's Safety Award nominees must meet a number of eligibility requirements and criteria related to health, safety and environmental responsibilities, as well as the implementation of site-specific best practices and those from across the company.

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