TRUMPF delivers water treatment plants to Indonesia

June 10, 2005

As part of a tsunami relief project, TRUMPF donated 10 water treatment plants, eight of which now are in operation in Indonesian refugee camps.

Almost six months after the horrific floods in southeast Asia, the people there still are dependent on aid from foreign countries. Through its Indonesian Partner PT Guna Electro and their joint ventures, the TRUMPF Group has projects underway to provide clean drinking water in the Indonesian province of Aceh. The project is targeted as a follow-up action to the immediate aid of the major relief organizations. TRUMPF's aim is to supply long-term support for the people in the region that was hit hardest by the tsunami.

Eight of 10 water treatment plants donated by TRUMPF are now in operation in three refugee camps in Neuheun, Lambreh and Lhoong, all located in the Aceh region. Two plants were installed on the island of Nias, where there was another serious earthquake in April 2005.

TRUMPF employees from Germany and Indonesia purchased the water treatment plants and adjusted them to the conditions in the tropics. They assembled the systems and acquired the additional components and the necessary expendable parts.

Together with the Indonesian relief organization Yayasan Dian Desa (YDD), the camps were selected. YDD is providing service and maintenance for the water treatment plants. TRUMPF trained the plant operators while activating the systems on site. For the transport, installation and operation of the plants on Nias, TRUMPF works together with an organization called "Resources & Energy Development."

Seven employees from TRUMPF worked full-time on this project. It was financed jointly by the company and its employees, who raised a total of app. €100,000 to purchase the equipment. Donations from employees from a number of TRUMPF subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and France came to a total of €25,000. The company gave €75,000. The German-based forwarding company Schmalz + Schoen, with whom TRUMPF works very closely, assumed the logistics and organization costs for transporting the plants. Another German company, WBG Wasser Bau Gesellschaft Kulmbach mbH, provided technical support and know-how for building the water treatment plants.

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