Dofasco receives Canadian environmental program certification

January 11, 2005

Dofasco construction products steel has been certified to Environment Canada's Environmental Choice® Program and now carries the EcoLogo® symbol.

The company's construction steel (galvanized and Galvalume®) is used in products such as light steel framing, decking, and cladding for residential and commercial construction. Residential homeowners also use light steel framing for smaller projects, such as basements, additions, and renovations.

The company is the first steel company to earn the certification and the right to use the symbol, which consists of two parts: the symbol and an associated statement. The symbol is three doves intertwined in the shape of a maple leaf. Each dove represents a sector of society[LONG DASH] consumers, industry, and government [LONG DASH] working together to improve the environment.

To receive certification, the material must adhere to strict composition standards and must be manufactured according to stringent energy consumption requirements. The company also must adhere to required environmental management practices at its production facilities.