D&S Mfg. installs cutting system

November 10, 2009

D&S Mfg., a custom manufacturer of large-scale components, assemblies, and complete weldments located in Black River Falls, Wis., has installed a Messer MG Titan II cutting machine. It unites oxyfuel and high-definition plasma technologies in one integrated system by placing them on a common rail and accommodates raw material up to 85 ft. long.

Proprietary automatic height sensing technology eliminates the need for manual adjustments to compensate for material shifts caused by heat or natural distortion of the steel. As a result, the four-torch system delivers uniform cuts throughout the production run for parts as thick as 6 in. Rapid cutting speeds for components as slim as 1/4 in. are achieved using a single torch of the high-definition plasma process.

The installation coincides with the completion of the company's extensive building expansion program, which re-engineered the floor plan for the entire production facility.

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