Laser safety officer training to held Oct. 18-19

September 26, 2011

IPG Photonics Corp. will hold a two-day Industrial Laser Safety Officer training Oct. 18-19, 2011, at its Midwest operations in Novi, Mich. Available for a fee, the course uses a nonmathematical approach to teach the duties of LSOs as described in the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers standard to users of industrial lasers.

Information on lasers and optics, bioeffects, beam and nonbeam hazards, control measures, and training requirements is provided. Emphasis is placed on laser safety program development and administration. The course meets all LSO training requirements outlined by ANSI and OSHA and is worth 2.0 BLS CM points by the Board of Laser Safety.

The course is designed for personnel using an industrial laser for welding, cutting, drilling, marking, or etching. It is tailored to fit the needs of safety professionals, engineers, laser operators, technicians, and other professionals assigned the duties of LSO who are not required to perform hazard analysis calculations.

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