Atlas Machine & Supply opens Welding Solutions Center

May 8, 2014

Industrial engineering and manufacturing company Atlas Machine and Supply Inc. has opened the Welding Solutions Center in its main facility in Louisville, Ky.

The center houses a custom-built, large-capacity welding machine, believed to be the largest of its type in North America. The machine, manufactured by Welding Alloys in England, can weld industrial rolls weighing up to 80,000 lbs. and measuring up to 40 ft. long and more than 6 ft. dia.

The center's companion piece is a custom-built industrial furnace, measuring 20 ft. long by 8 ft. wide, that can heat metal parts weighing up to 40 tons to a temperature of up to 1,400 degrees F. The furnace's computerized controls also monitor part temperature to precisely control welding and heat-treating parameters.

The welding machine and furnace expand the company’s ability to handle larger, more complicated roll work generated by the steel, paper, and aluminum industries and to perform precision work more rapidly.