Honda announces plan for additional $215 million investment in Ohio

August 22, 2013

Honda has announced it will invest about $215 million in its Anna, Ohio, engine plant to add new power train technologies, a technical training center, a heritage center that highlights the company’s history in Ohio and North America, and office space for the new Honda North America Services LLC in Marysville, Ohio.

These investments contribute to a total of nearly $2.7 billion that Honda has invested in its North American operations in the last three years.

About $180 million of the investment at the Anna engine plant will be used to expand capabilities in aluminum die casting and engine parts production related to the new Honda Earth Dreams Technology engines and transmissions. This brings total investment at the Anna plant over the last three years to more than $500 million.

The technical training centers for power trains at Anna and auto manufacturing in Marysville will provide Honda engineers, equipment service technicians, and line-side associates with opportunities to develop skills that will refine their technical know-how in a hands-on environment.

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