Interlaken Technology becomes division of Water Works Mfg.

August 29, 2012

Interlaken Technology, Chaska, Minn., has been purchased by Water Works Mfg. LLC, Cambridge, Minn. Remaining at its current location, Interlaken Technologies will be a division of Water Works Mfg.

Interlaken Technology manufactures production press equipment for hydroforming, elevated-temperature forming, and hot-stamping systems, as well as precision testing machines for use in metal forming, leak testing, impulse testing, burst testing, and autofrettage.

Water Works Mfg.'s core business segments include contract manufacturing and aftermarket ATV accessories. Capabilities include sheet metal and tube fabrication services such as laser cutting, stamping, tube bending, manual and robotic welding, powder coating, hydroforming, machining, and final package assembly.