Midbrook announces factory-for-hire concept

September 8, 2011

Midbrook Inc., a Jackson, Mich.-based manufacturer of custom metal fabrications and industrial parts washers, has announced that it will use its facility and skilled employees to help customers with new product ideas design, modify, fabricate, and ship their parts.

The company developed the factory-for-hire concept to assist individuals who have ideas for products but lack the design and manufacturing capability to produce them.

The company will work with customers on developing designs; recommending improvements, such as making the product more cost-effective to produce; and supplying the engineering needed to make the design complete and ready for manufacture.

When the engineering is complete, Midbrook can create prototypes of the product as a final check of the design. When the product is ready to be produced, the company will begin manufacturing the product. Once the production is complete, Midbrook can inspect the parts to ensure quality, package them, and ship them to the final customer.

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