Intricate Metal Forming marks 25th anniversary with name change

January 9, 2014

Founded in 1988 as a metal stamper providing milled-end contact pins to automotive industry suppliers, Intricate Metal Forming Co., Roanoke, Va., is marking its 25th anniversary with a new name and logo.

The high-speed metal stamping manufacturer, which produces components for the connector industry, has changed its name to Intricate to simplify online searches for the company and prevent potential confusion with other entities that use the IMF abbreviation.

Intricate also has added new processes, including an automated secondary bending and starring operation, compliant tips, electrical testing, and insertion and removal testing. The company also added tooling, automation systems, and production process controls in the past year. Capabilities include manufacturing speeds up to 1,500 SPM, modular and carbide tooling, and multiple-out manufacturing.