PTM Corp. hires military defense specialist

September 9, 2009

PTM Corp. and Modified Technologies Advanced Engineering and Tooling Group, Fair Haven, Mich., have announced the addition of a new military division piloted by Samra Weindl. Weindl was hired by PTM as its military defense specialist to explore the military sector for contracts and other related business. Through Weindl's efforts, the company was awarded its first military contract with TACOM Warren.

Weindl worked at Cypress Manufacturing for three years as a defense contract specialist. While at Cypress, she handled contracts for companies such as L3 Communications, TACOM Warren, TACOM Rock Island, DSCC, and BAE Land Systems. She also works closely with Macomb County PTAC.

Founded in 1972, PTM Corp. offers metal stamping, fourslide, and progressive die manufacturing.