Waterjet technology helps BP cap Gulf oil leak

August 10, 2010

Waterjet technology helps BP cap Gulf oil leak - TheFabricator

Waterjet technology companies Jet Edge Inc. and Chukar Waterjet Inc., both of St. Michael, Minn., recently played a key role in helping BP stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The companies provided ultrahigh-pressure waterjet equipment and application expertise to blast away hydrate ice crystals that had formed inside a containment cap at the leak site, clogging the containment system.

Jet Edge custom-engineered a 36,000-PSI waterjet-intensifier pump that was dropped 5,000 ft. into the Gulf to power a robot-operated waterjetting lance that blasted away the hydrates. To help ensure the hydrate remediation project's success, Jet Edge used advanced filtration and ultrahigh-pressure seal technology capable of withstanding the harsh undersea environment. The system was designed to blast with seawater or liquid gas.

Chukar Waterjet provided on-site applications engineering services throughout the project, working with a subsea technology company, an offshore logistics and supply company, an offshore transportation company, BP, and an independent safety group.

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