Spool gun allows aluminum welding with GMAW machines

November 6, 2007

The Spoolmate 100 series spool gun from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. allows aluminum welding with Millermatic® 140, Millermatic® 140 with Auto-Set™, and Millermatic® 180 GMAW machines. The gun, which plugs directly into these machines without requiring a separate control box, is designed primarily for those who do occasional aluminum welding.

The gun features a recessed contact tip and a clear spool cover to help reduce burnbacks, which occur when the wire burns back to the contact tip and melts to it, ruining the tip. The gun also features dual, V-knurled drive rolls to help ensure consistent feeding of aluminum, which lacks the column strength to reliably feed through a standard GMAW gun. Users also can adjust drive roll tension to match the wire being used.

Standard features include a 12-ft. gun cable and a carrying case that holds extra contact tips, a nozzle, and wire spool.

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