Automated orbital welding system introduced

March 10, 2009

Gullco Intl. has introduced its Pipe KAT® welding system, which automates a variety of orbital welding applications. The system uses a variable-speed welding travel carriage with a maximum speed of 40 IPM, complete with integrated wire feeder, linear oscillation with motorized adjustable weave width, and motorized weld joint centerline adjustment. All electronic motorized functions incorporate jog settings.

The system is mounted on the workpiece with a "quick-action" system incorporated on the track. It comes with a main control box on a 12-ft. umbilical and 27 ft. of gas hose and ground cable. It also has a wire feed spool with 10-lb. capacity, maximum wire speed of 720 IPM, and a wire size range of 0.032 in. to 0.055 in.

The supplied welding torch uses Abicor Binzel consumables. The unit also has a pendant on 12 ft. of cable which controls carriage speed, job wire speed and jog, vertical side adjustments, oscillation width and centerline adjustment, along with start/stop and emergency-stop buttons.

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