Compact GMAW machine suitable for heavy-duty applications

November 9, 2004

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced the ESABMig C420, a compact 420-amp, three-phase, step-controlled machine suitable for heavy-duty welding.

The portable, ready-to-weld system features a galvanized metal chassis and sealed, dirt-repellent control panels. It can be used with all types of wire, including solid steel, stainless, aluminum, and cored wires, with or without shielding gas.

The machine has 35 voltage steps and three inductance outlets. Slow run-in facilitates smooth arc starts. A burnback feature eliminates wire sticking at the end of the weld.

A trigger lock-in feature and large handgrips help make long welds more comfortable. The machine features large solid wheels and an easy-to-read control panel that can be set up while wearing gloves.

The machine has a built-in four-roll wire feeder. Wire feed speed is tachometer-controlled. Feed rollers and guide nozzles can be changed without tools.

The machine comes with a GunMaster 400cc GMAW gun and contact tips, 0.035/0.045 v-grooved drived rolls with outlet nozzle, regulator/flowmeter, cables, gas cylinder shelf, and a 10-lb. sample spool of Spoolarc 87 HP GMAW wire.