Compact torch designed for thin materials, confined spaces

January 9, 2007

For welding thin gauge materials (up to 1/4 in.), Weldcraft offers its 125-amp, air-cooled WP-9 torch series. This series is comprised of the WP-9, WP-9V and WP-9P torches, which are rated at 60 percent duty cycle at 125 amps with a DC power source and are suitable for confined areas.

The WP-9 and WP-9V torches weigh 3 oz. (excluding the power cable) and measure 7 in. long with a -in.handle diameter. The WP-9P pencil torch offers the same lightweight body, but measures only 6 in. long and does not utilize a back cap. This model also features a 180-degree head.

Each torch features a quick-release tungsten adjustment designed for easily adjusting the collet and collet body assembly and fine-tuning the tungsten extension. For TIG welding power sources that do not include a gas solenoid, the WP-9V includes a shielding gas valve conveniently located on the handle.

The torches use the same parts as the company's WP-20 TIG torch. Each is available with one- or two-piece power cables in 12.5-, 25-, and 50-ft.

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