Flux-cored stainless steel electrodes designed for demanding environments

July 11, 2006

Select-Arc Inc. offers three gas-shielded, flux-cored stainless steel electrodes designed for welding in demanding environments.

The SelectAlloy 308H-AP, 309LMo-AP, and 347-AP electrodes feature flat, well-washed beads that can be achieved with minimal weaving. All three wires deliver low spatter and good slag peeling to help minimize cleanup and enhance productivity, the company says.

The 308H-APis suitable for welding components for the petrochemical industry as well as 304H and 347H stainless steels. The 309LMo-AP is used for welding pulp and paper, chemical processing, and food and beverage equipment as well as dissimilar metals. The 347-AP is suitable for welding high-pressure steam piping parts, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, and automotive parts, as well as 321, 347, and 348 stainless steels.

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