Flux-cored wires suitable for high-pressure steam, gas piping

July 10, 2007

Hobart Brothers Co. offers low-alloy, gas-shielded, flux-cored wires suitable for high-pressure steam and gas piping, boiler manufacturing, and certain casting applications.

Designed for steels containing 1.25 percent chrome and 0.5 percent molybdenum, the TM-81B2 and TM-811B2 wires can be used as alternatives for E8018-B2 SMAW electrodes, the company reports.

The TM-81B2 and TM-91B3, which can be used in flat and horizontal positions, are available in 1/16 in. dia. and 3/32 in. dia. The wires, which should be used only with a 100 percent CO2 shielding gas, are suitable for high-deposition welding applications not requiring out-of-position welding.

The TM-811B2 and TM-911B3 have all-position capability and are available in 0.045 in., 0.052 in., and 1/16 in. Suitable for pipe welding and other applications requiring out-of-position welding, the wires can be used with either 100 percent CO2 or a 75/25 argon/CO2 mixture. An argon/CO2 mixture may produce welds with tensile strengths that exceed 100 KSI for the TM-811B2, and 110 KSI for the TM-911B3, the manufacturer states.

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