Fuel injection helps welding machine save fuel

September 5, 2013

Fuel injection helps welding machine save fuel - TheFabricator.com

Lincoln Electric has introduced the K3928-1 Ranger® 305 G EFI, which combines a multiprocess welding machine with a Kohler® 25-HP electronic-fuel-injection (EFI) engine. The new engine option helps the unit start in cold weather.

A new option to the standard Ranger 305 G with a Kohler carburetor engine, the EFI engine provides easier starting in cold weather and offers a fuel savings of 12 percent at 300 amps and 30 percent at high idle, the company reports.

The unit handles SMAW, GTAW, wire welding, and pipe welding. It includes Lincoln Chopper Technology®, providing simple starts, a smooth arc, low spatter, and excellent bead appearance, according to the manufacturer.

Digital weld meters help simplify presetting of procedures and monitoring of actual welding output. The unit's single-phase, AC generator provides 12,000 W peak and 9,500 W of continuous AC power.

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