GMAW inverter has built-in programs

November 11, 2008

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s Invision 350 MPa GMAW/pulsed-GMAW inverter features built-in programs. The inverter is designed to solve distortion, burn-through, and spatter issues associated with welding light-gauge material. When combined with the S-74 MPa wire feeder, the machines create a synergic system with simplified one-knob control, freeing the operator from setting multiple parameters to achieve optimal results, the company reports. The inverter works with any 14-pin wire feeder.

In pulsed-GMAW mode, the operator dials in the SharpArc (arc cone shape) setting and wire and gas type, and the inverter automatically sets the optimal parameters. Intuitive programming nearly eliminates the pulsed-GMAW learning curve, according to the manufacturer.

The inverter helps provide a controllable arc, even at short arc lengths, for increased precision and productivity. It provides a 5- to 425-amp output (350 amps at 60 percent duty cycle). Incorporating the company's Auto-Line power management technology, the inverter can operate off any input voltage from 208 to 575, single- or three-phase, and provide constant output even if input voltage varies by &#plusmn; 10 percent, reports the manufacturer.

SharpArc technology alters the width of the pulsed-GMAW arc cone. A low setting produces a wider arc cone that has increased wetting action and weld puddle fluidity, as well as a flatter weld bead. A high setting narrows the arc cone, which produces a narrow weld bead that freezes faster with less heat input.

New technology also lets operators tailor the pulsed-GMAW arc length (voltage) to suit their needs.

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