MIG gun features polished aluminum neck armor

January 9, 2007

Bernard® has announced that its line of Q-Gun MIG guns now features polished aluminum neck armor. The aluminum armor is 35 percent thicker than the previously used brass armor for increased durability with no weight penalty. Aluminum armored necks are compatible with all 150- through 600-amp Q-Guns. The upgrade does not affect current pricing or part numbers.

The guns are offered in multiple custom configuration options to help optimize end-users' handheld welding productivity. Other features and options include a durable strain relief; an upgraded backend assembly, which allows for easier changeover of direct plugs and the use of trigger cable adapters or pigtails; trigger and switch options that allow welding operators to choose between locking trigger, dual-pull trigger, dual-schedule switch, and trigger extension; and five unique handles along with the option for a fixed or rotating neck.

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