Multiprocess welding machine delivers up to 500 amps

June 7, 2010

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Flextec™ 450, a multiprocess welding power source designed for fabrication, construction, automotive, production, and educational applications.

The new machine features Lincoln’s Flexible Technology™, which delivers up to 500 amps of welding power. The machine’s multiprocess capability includes SMAW, Touch Start DC TIG®, GMAW and FCAW, as well as arc gouging with up to a 0.375-in. carbon.

The unit includes a compact, durable case that is IP 23-rated for operation and storage in extreme field environments. It is also Desert Duty™-rated, allowing welding outputs in extreme-temperature operation up to 131 degrees F.

The machine's bright digital amp and volt meters can be monitored even in sunlight and preset for procedure control. A selectable hot start allows the operator to turn it off for thin materials or flip it on for the extra starting amperage required for thick, rusty, or dirty material.

Variable arc force allows an operator to dial in the soft or crisp arc characteristics required for a specific application.

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