Pipe welding video available for download

August 12, 2008

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. offers videos on pipe welding techniques, available for free download at the company's Web site. The videos explain techniques and technology that can help increase pipe welding productivity.

Online video topics include new advances in pipe welding techniques, preparation of the pipe joint, RMD™ (Regulated Metal Deposition) on carbon steel pipe, RMD on stainless steel pipe, and cap and fill passes with Pro-Pulse™. A free CD containing the videos also can be ordered from the Web site.

RMD creates a calm, stable arc and weld puddle, making it suitable for root pass welding. The technique lays down more metal with one pass, eliminating the need for a hot pass. It also can eliminate backing gas to qualify procedures on stainless steel.

The Pro-Pulse welding process is a new pulsed welding method suitable for fill and cap pass welding. It provides a shorter arc length and narrow arc cone for out-of-position welding. With less heat input, this technique reduces interpass temperature and cooling time and improves weld cycle time, the company reports.

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