Power sources, interface controls designed for SAW, ESW

July 23, 2014

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new SubArc Digital series of power sources, interface controls, and accessories includes digital control and communication electronics designed to help improve weld performance and simplify equipment integration in advanced applications.

The product line includes two DC power source models and one AC/DC model. They have the capacity to handle SAW and ESW applications from traditional DC single-arc to multiwire tandem welding.

The series also includes two interface controls—analog and digital—and a variety of wire drive motors and accessories, including single- and twin-wire torches, narrow-gap torches, and internal and external cladding heads.

According to the company, the series of products offers simplified setup and operation and an improved flux delivery system. The series combines digital process control technology with power regulation and the ease of use of a traditional machine, says the manufacturer.

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