Spot/projection welding machine designed for heavy-duty applications

December 7, 2004

The S-NDX stationary spot/projection welding machine by Dengensha America is designed for heavy-duty applications that require high welding capacity.

The machine has a sturdy frame with an adjustable lower knee and optional T-slot platens. Equipped with advanced controls, the machine is suitable for manual spot welding, robotic welding cells, projection welding of weld nuts and bolts, and the fixtured welding of assemblies. Adaptable to both high- and low-volume production, the machine can be integrated into existing welding and assembly operations.

Available in different configurations meeting UL, CSA, or CE specifications, the machine offers adjustable strokes, a foot switch/palm button start signal, and a variety of operator safety features. Options include a low-force safety cylinder and electronic nut presence sensor.

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