Water-cooled GTAW torch designed to reduce overheating

March 19, 2012

Water-cooled GTAW torch designed to reduce overheating - TheFabricator.com

Weldcraft has introduced the WP-280 water-cooled GTAW torch, designed with Super Cool™ technology to reduce downtime caused by overheating.

The torch body includes an antirotation feature to prevent handle movement during welding. The Tri-Flex™ hose and cable assembly is designed to remain flexible in cold weather, improve operator control, and prevent cracking. ColorSmart™ hose and cable sets differentiate input water, water/power cable, and gas hoses to help simplify torch installation.

Copper components help maximize current capacity, and high-temperature silicone rubber insulation helps protect against high-frequency voltage leaks. Mechanical fittings also provide a secure gas and water connection to help prevent leakage and allow simplified hose replacement.

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