Welding generator produces 6,500 W peak power

March 10, 2009

The new Wildcat® 200 welding generator from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is a compact unit that produces 6,500 W of peak generator power and 200-amp DC SMAW and GTAW output. It features a fully enclosed case that protects the engine and internal welding components from damage by falling objects, dust, and debris.

The generator uses a 14-HP Subaru engine with a 7-gal. gas tank that provides 12 hours of run time using a 1/8-in. stick electrode.

Users can select the amperage range and electrode type using a coarse range switch and then adjust the fine control dial to tune in the optimal arc. The generator also features a front panel ignition switch and a backup recoil start in the rear.

An auto-idle feature automatically senses when the unit is not being used and reduces fuel consumption and noise levels.

With a single 220-V outlet and four 120-V outlets, the generator can run a variety of tools and accessories, including plasma cutters, air compressors, pumps, and lights.

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