Welding helmet has adjustable 4/9-13 ADF integrated into 180-degree viewing lens

July 15, 2013

Save Phace has introduced two new additions to its Extreme Face Protector (EFP) series of welding helmets: the Tagged series and the Imposter series.

The Tagged series is custom-airbrushed by hand. It offers an adjustable 4/9-13 auto-darkening filter (ADF) integrated into a 180-degree viewing lens, giving the user ear-to-ear vision. The adjustable ADF features a grind mode, sensitivity, and delay controls. The helmet comes in six graphic options.

The Imposter series can be custom-airbrushed by the user. Two models are available. The Chameleon comes with a fixed 3/10 ADF that is integrated into the patented 180-degree passive welding lens for ear-to-ear vision. The Du Mi series comes with a 2- by 4-in., adjustable 4/9-13 ADF with grind mode and sensitivity delay controls, integrated into the 180-degree welding lens, for more than 23 sq. in. of viewing area.