Welding helmets include arc-on time tracking

May 21, 2012

Welding helmets include arc-on time tracking - TheFabricator.com

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced its newly redesigned Arc Armor® Titanium Series™ welding helmets for heavy-use and high-amperage applications. They feature InfoTrack™ technology, which allows the operator to track arc-on time and set alarms and timers via a digital clock.

The headgear conforms to any head shape and offers six points of adjustment. An integrated comfort cushion mounted on the back of the headgear helps ensure a secure, sturdy fit.

The new external grind button featured on the Titanium 7300™ and Titanium 9400™ lets welders switch to grind mode without lifting their helmets. New digital controls with larger displays allow adjustment of modes, shade levels, delay, and sensitivity.

The shell is designed to be lightweight for extended wear. It provides skin coverage while reflecting radiant heat and features a quick-release front cover lens.

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