Wire feeder’s new features improve wire feed speed control

January 28, 2013

Wire feeder’s new features improve wire feed speed control - TheFabricator.com

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced the new SuitCase® X-TREME™ 12VS voltage-sensing wire feeder for welding in heavy-duty field applications such as construction, structural steel erection, heavy equipment repair, and mobile fabrication.

The feeder features a new drive motor assembly, motor control, and integrated tachometer that provide electronic wire feed speed control and help ensure wire feed speed accuracy throughout the day. A new wire delivery system simplifies wire loading and provides minimal resistance in feeding small-diameter solid wire (0.023 in.) to large-diameter cored wire (0.078 in.).

The inlet guide has been eliminated, allowing wire to roll over the large radius of the drive rolls and reducing drag. A new visual scale on the wire pressure knob eliminates guesswork and allows welders to dial in tension settings.

A new wire speed dual schedule feature reduces wire feed speed to 87.5 percent of standard speed for applications such as pipe welding. The welder can adjust wire feed speed for changing joint geometries or positions without having to stop and change settings. This feature requires a dual schedule gun or switch (sold separately).

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