Automatic fastener installation press allows quick tool changes

May 13, 2008

The PEMSERTER® Series 2000® automatic press accommodates a dual-bowl option and QX™ turret tool system to allow quick changes between anvil tools while installing different types of self-clinching fasteners. With the second bowl and the turret tool system, two fastener types can be installed in automatic feed mode and two in manual feed mode.

Touchscreen setup for all four stations includes selection of installation force and number of fasteners to be installed per workpiece. Operators are notified by visual and/or audible signal to rotate the turret to the next location, or that the job is completed per setup.

Among other press features, a job search and recall mode allows operators to reference 300 stored jobs; an upgraded PLC with increased memory accommodates custom programs; a wide feeder track increases fastener-feeding rates; and the shuttle support design helps improve small-fastener feeding. The press is Ethernet-capable and expandable to interface with data collection systems, production management systems, and off-site troubleshooting systems.

The CE-certified press offers a 24-in. throat depth, performs at cycle rates up to 2,750 SPH, and delivers a ram force of 400 lbs. to 16,000 lbs.

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