Brazing system’s new gas nozzle shape increases brazing speed

February 7, 2014

In collaboration with the joining technology development department at Audi AG, Fronius has introduced CMT Braze+ with a new, patented gas nozzle shape that allows high brazing speeds.

According to the manufacturer, initial applications of the new process in Audi AG’s autobody shops have demonstrated that under real series-production conditions, robot-assisted brazing speeds of up to 9.84 FPM are feasible. The resulting brazed seams are flat and clean, the company states.

The extremely narrow, conical shape of the newly developed gas nozzle causes the shielding gas to emerge at high speed. This, in turn, constricts the arc, allowing brazing to be carried out more rapidly. At the same time, gas consumption decreases to 0.79 to 1.32 GPM.

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