Electromechanical cylinders offer plug-and-play capability

August 7, 2007

SKF® electromechanical cylinders (EMC) offer plug-and-play capability suitable for robotic spot welding gun applications. According to the company, the all-electric cylinders provide precise motion, speed, force, and position to allow an optimum number of welds quickly and with reproducible quality. Compact versions (CEMC) are available to reduce space requirements.

The patented technology is based on a planetary roller screw and servo drive. Working in combination with a nut, the roller screw works to drive the stroke and converts rotary motion into linear movement with a quick response time and low energy consumption, the company reports. The cylinders are designed for simplified integration into robotic gun assemblies; to require minimal space; to eliminate complex infrastructure such as hoses, valves, compressed air, and hydraulic oil; to simplify monitoring and diagnostics; to minimize maintenance; and to offer long life and high duty cycles.

Options and accessories for the cylinders can be customized. Applications include automotive, appliance, and metalworking.