Multipress line provides flexibility

February 2, 2009

AP&T, a supplier of automation, hydraulic presses, tools, and production lines to the sheet metal industry, has provided an automotive industry supplier with a three-press line that offers enhanced production flexibility.

The press line comprises three AP&T 708 U.S.-ton ZM presses with third cylinder function and cushion function. A blank feeder picks the blanks from a pallet before the first of four SpeedFeeder press robots puts the blank in the press tool. Two four-axle SpeedFeeders robots located between the presses enable component rotation; the other two robots are three-axle models. A mobile turning device enables components to be turned over between the presses.

The line also features a tool-change system with automatic tool clamping that reduces changeover time. The entire line is monitored via three operator panels with LOGOS—an operator interface developed by AP&T.

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