Robotic GMAW gun series expanded

December 14, 2011

Robotic GMAW gun series expanded -

Tregaskiss has expanded its TOUGH GUN™ ThruArm™ G2 series of robotic GMAW guns to include configurations for robots from ABB, FANUC, Kuka, and OTC. The guns' alignment features help maintain tool-center point for reliability and consistency.

The series includes low-stress robotic (LSR) unicable technology, which includes a rotating power connection that relieves stress caused by routine cable torsion. The unicable also features a protective conduit to shield the cable components from harsh welding environments.

On select models, the TOUGH GUN I.C.E.™ water-cooling feature is available. It circulates water externally to the nozzle to keep front-end consumables running cool.

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