Roller cam rotary table offers 110 ft.-lbs. of spindle torque

March 18, 2013

Haas Automation offers the HRC210 high-speed, cam-driven rotary table, which provides cutting and indexing speeds up to 830 degrees/sec. Offering 110 ft.-lbs. of spindle torque for synchronous 4-axis machining, its pneumatic brake yields 134 ft.-lbs. of holding torque for stationary work.

Indexing accuracy is ±20 arcsec, with repeatability of 4 arcsec. The 8.27-in. platter has a center height of 6.000 in., with a 2.00- by 1.91-in.-deep pilot bore and 1.77-in. through-hole. Six radial T-slots help simplify fixture and workpiece mounting, and both manual and pneumatic tailstocks are available for additional workpiece support.

The roller cam system uses a high-torque servomotor to drive a globoidal cam meshing with cam followers equally spaced around the diameter of a roller gear. Needle bearings in the cam followers provide smooth contact with the cam, and a precision-engineered cam profile helps ensure accurate speeds and motion, the company reports.

The unit, which is not designed for stand-alone operation, requires a Haas mill with software version 18.13 or later.

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