Bending cell features automatic robot programming

February 7, 2006

The new bending cell from RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH features software integration that automatically programs the robot when a user programs a part on the machine.

After the robot has lifted the blank, it is fed directly into the machine. Optical sensors measure the position of the part and send feedback to the CNC to correct any inaccuracy. After the blank is parallel to the bend line, the CNC freezes the robot. All six robot joints are locked into position. A linear axis moves the robot forward and back with the aligned blank to bend flange by flange.

The ROBObend-Center positions the part to the bend line, holding it from either the top or bottom of the part. When the workpiece needs to be flipped, the robot turns it upside down. A hand offset axis for the robotic arm allows for positioning of the part close to the bending line.

For getting a finished workpiece out of the tools, special swiveling corner tools automatically slide out of the part corners when the upper beam opens.

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