Plate bending rolls feature direct-drive design

March 26, 2012

Trilogy Machinery has added a direct-drive design to its Lemas three- and four-roll plate bending rolls.

The four-roll, double-pinch plate bending rolls have no belts or chains, as the drive motor is coupled directly to the bending rolls, offering 100 percent power and torque. The universal joint is eliminated. Bending rolls are adjusted hydraulically, and the lower pinch roll has separate pinch pressure adjustment.

The plate rolls feature Sumitomo Cyclo® 6000 gearless speed reducers, which use an epicycloidal design. Two-thirds of its reduction components are in contact at all times, enabling the speed reducers to withstand shock loads exceeding 500 percent of their ratings.

Both bending rolls are hydraulically tiltable for cone rolling, and the hydraulic drop end simplifies removal of the completed cylinder from the rolls.

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