Press brake quick tool change system helps eliminate bad bends

October 18, 2010

Press brake quick tool change system helps eliminate bad bends -

Cincinnati Incorporated has introduced a new quick tool change system for Proform and Maxform press brakes, allowing faster setups and helping to eliminate bad bends caused by improperly seated tools.

The factory-installed power clamping system bolts directly to the ram and is integrated into the machine's hydraulic system, eliminating the need for an external pump. It is available for use with American-style upper tools with standard safety tongues and lower tools with 0.5-in.-wide tongues.

Available for all major die manufacturers with self-seating tooling, the system automatically self-seats V-notched, American-style upper tools; standard tools without V-notches will clamp without self-seating.

The system's work surfaces are treated with Nitrex™ high-endurance surface enhancement, providing a surface hardness of 70-HRC with a maximum load capacity of 30 tons per sq. in. For upper tools, the clamp body is 3 in. wide for minimal part interference, and tool segment lengths greater than 0.5 in. are clamped via individual hardened pins. For lower tools, a 1.56-in.-tall by 3.43-in.-wide clamp unit is positioned on top of a 3.25-in. by 2.36-in. filler block for front-to-back alignment. The clamp/unclamp key switch is located on the right side of the press brake control for easy access.


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