Software features added to laser, bending, and waterjet machines

November 18, 2013

Software features added to laser, bending, and waterjet machines -

Bystronic Inc., Elgin, Ill., has introduced new software features to its laser, bending, and waterjet product lines.

PartID is a new feature of the Bystronic BySoft 7 CAD/CAM software. The identification code is generated with BySoft 7and then laser-engraved onto the part utilizing a Bystronic laser cutting system. At the press brake, the PartID is subsequently registered by a scanner unit, and the desired bending program can be loaded automatically. PartID marking also provides part traceability.

A new OPC Interface installed on Bystronic laser cutting machines collects information about the manufacturing progress on laser and waterjet cutting systems. The user can transmit this information to his own monitoring systems. According to the company, the interface provides an important basis to increase the degree of utilization and the efficiency of cutting systems.

Also new is Observer, a passive remote monitoring system that keeps users up to date about the operating status of systems and how order processing is progressing. Observer is accessed by means of web-enabled terminals, such as desktops, notebooks, tablet computers, and smartphones. Observer is intended to increase the process reliability of cutting systems. Orders can be calculated in a reliable and efficient manner, because unscheduled idle times and deviations from the planned time per piece are reduced.

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