Nesting software, controller updated

April 26, 2012

Jetcam Intl. s.a.r.l has announced the simultaneous launch of updates to its two flagship products: Jetcam Expert CAD/CAM and nesting software for sheet metal and composite users, and the Premium version of Jetcam Order Controller (JOC), which provides remote ordering, geometry creation, and nesting for Jetcam Expert.

Expert Version 16.23.02 features a completely rewritten underlying core which results in a 50x improvement when performing web nesting, the company says. It also includes the new Prima Power XML postprocessor for Tulus-based controllers.

The CAD import engine in JOC v8.50 has been completely rewritten and now supports Expert's single component automatic processing (SCAP). This allows users to create geometry files remotely and automatically from multiple CAD drawings and tool them for a punching or profiling machine with a few clicks of a mouse. Upon receiving instructions from the controller, the software automatically processes the queued files and reports back when finished.

The controller also includes a comprehensive reports designer and generator, allowing for the design and implementation of customized reports.

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